30 Watt, 2 Kanäle

All tube head

The RS-30 is an all-tube head for old school guitar sound without any compromise.

In the clean channel you can expect unique, creamy sounds with deliberately little gain and an outstanding presence. The lead channel is very complex and delivers everything from crunch to extreme overdrive excesses without compromising transparency. The voltage processing is exceptionally complex and high-quality, which guarantees absolutely stable performance even at the limit.

A special highlight is the indicator tube, which visualizes the input signal by electron shelling and complete the extraordinary appearance of our RS-30 head with a wide tube panorama.

Like all our products, the RS-30 is point-to-poin-wired and
100% Handmade in Germany.

Definitely not just an acoustic treat!

  • Power: 30 Watts

  • 2 channels for clean and lead

  • Tone control for Bass, Mid and Treble in booth channels

  • Complex voltage conditioning by ring core transformer, rectifier tube and choke coil

  • 4 EL84 power tubes

  • 3 ECC83 pre amp tubes

  • GZ34 Rectifier tube

  • EM84 Indicator tube for visualization of the input signal by cathodoluminescence

  • Speaker output mit 4, 8 or 16 Ohms

  • Point-to-Point and Handwired, 100% Made in Germany

  • Mass: 16,5 Kg

  • Dimension: 545 x 310 x 215 mm